Brand consultancy and management
Our knowledge and understanding of design and marketing means that we help clients develop branding, design and communications plans that are realistic, appropriate and achievable within the available resources. 
This service isn’t exclusive to our design clients – we offer design and communications consultancy and planning even if you don’t feel that you need our design services at the moment. We give an impartial external perspective to help you build a strong and effective brand across all your communications platforms. 
We work with sole traders, SMEs, start ups and third sector organisations to create and build strong, distinctive brands through well managed communications planning and project management. 
Our services include management and co-ordination of projects, strategy development, planning, brief writing, scheduling, budget management, audits, sourcing and managing external suppliers, social media strategy, research, facilitating workshops, focus groups and brand training. We help source and manage suppliers and co-ordinate project teams.
We help to make projects run smoothly from conception through to delivery ensuring they are on brief, on time and on budget. 
Please contact us for more information. You can call us on 020 7720 8111 or email us direct or using the contact form.
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